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Collaborative Divorce – Who’s On The Team?

The Collaborative Divorce Team. The collaborative divorce team is comprised of the divorcing parties, two family law attorneys who are trained in collaborative law, one neutral mental health professional (MHP) who is trained in collaborative divorce and one neutral financial professional who is trained in collaborative divorce. Let’s answer the first question right off: how does a divorcing couple pay for all of these professionals? In fact, there are fewer people involved in a collaborative divorce than in a traditional, litigated divorce. In a traditional divorce, one attorney prepares a petition to be filed with the court. The attorney submits...Read More

Collaborative Divorce – What Are The Advantages?

What are the advantages of Collaborative Divorce? Privacy is one of the greatest advantages of a collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce no petition is filed in the court, no financial affidavits or mandatory disclosure are filed and the court is not involved in the process until a settlement agreement is submitted for approval. Because the court is not involved in the process, no fees or costs are expended for preparing and filing motions, conducting hearings, preparing and serving subpoenas, scheduling and taking depositions, just to name only a few court-case related expenses. Transparency is another advantage of collaborative divorce....Read More