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Collaborative Divorce – How Do I Decide What Type & How To Get Divorced?

How to decide what kind of divorce to use. I ask my clients three questions: What kind of relationship do you want with your children post-divorce? How much do you value privacy in your divorce? How effectively do you want to use your resources (money, time and energy) during the divorce? When answering these questions, it is clear that collaborative divorce is the most civilized Collaborative Divorce Law Video.Read More

Collaborative Divorce – The Non-Attorney Professionals

The Neutral Mental Health Professional. The role of the mental health professional is to assist with communication issues which arise and to help the parties develop a healthy co-parenting plan. The MHP keeps the process on track, works with the collaborative team to help resolve any issues and assists the couple in developing a working relationship post-divorce. The Neutral Financial Professional. Many neutral financial professionals are certified public accountants, although it is not a requirement. It is the financial professional’s responsibility to determine and present the family’s financial situation. The four main financial elements are income, expenses, assets and liabilities....Read More