Collaborative Divorce – What Is It?

The six elements of Collaborative Divorce. There are six attributes required in a collaborative divorce. Disclosure of Documents – No information is hidden. Everything is disclosed so that the couple can make the best decisions for the family. Respect – Both sides agree to act like mature adults. Insulating children – This is a fancy term for keeping the children out of it. They don’t need to be involved with these adult issues. Sharing experts – To the extent that additional experts are needed to assist with the negotiations, they will be hired jointly. Experts may be real estate agents,...Read More

Collaborative Divorce – The Process To Conscious Uncoupling

What is Conscious Uncoupling? The expression may have been used first by a New Zealand counselor in 2006. Kathryn Clements prepared a research report on how separation rituals could facilitate “conscious uncoupling.” The phrase is intended to convey a new paradigm for breaking up in kind, cooperative and respectful ways. As new age-y terms so often take on a life of their own, this one found its way to the tabloids via Gwyneth Paltrow’s announcement of her and her husband’s intentions. What is Collaborative Divorce? Collaborative divorce is a civilized and positive approach to getting divorced. The collaborative team, comprised...Read More
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