Collaborative Divorce

“You can pay to educate your attorney’s children, or you can educate your own. Choose wisely.”

Collaborative Law is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution. As such, it offers parties the chance to resolve critical issues outside a courtroom, and usually at less expense than proceeding to trial. In fact, the entire collaborative process occurs outside of the court system, so no court documents are prepared, filed, or seen by the public or by a judge until the divorce is finalized.

In 2016 the Florida Legislature passed the Collaborative Law Practice Act to create a uniform system of practice for the collaborative law process. One of the objectives stated in the Act is to “Preserve the working relationship between parties to a dispute through a non-adversarial method that reduces the emotional and financial toll of litigation.” The objective of the collaborative divorce process is to help families create a future under a new structure. It focuses on creating the best outcome for all family members.

During a collaborative divorce, the spouses, their attorneys, a financial professional and a mental health professional (MHP) comprise a team to work toward the best solution for the family so that all involved may continue to thrive in the future. The dialogue during team meetings helps to establish healthy communication patterns to assist the family post divorce.

The stakes are high when a family business, a professional practice or a senior member of a corporation is involved. Having a financial expert who has a thorough understanding of business and finances on the team can greatly facilitate the collaborative divorce process.

A Miami collaborative divorce financial professional and Certified Public Accountant, Harriett Fox is devoted to expanding the use of the Collaborative Divorce Process. This alternative to litigation helps families to move forward with their lives, decide what is an equitable division of assets for THEM, and to establish effective co-parenting relationships. Parents who use the Collaborative Divorce Process are likely to fare better emotionally and financially than if they had chosen another path.

Harriett offers forensic accounting and litigation support services for family matters, including Miami collaborative divorce cases.